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Bioharmonic breathe vibrate hydrate
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brain and space

Bruce Lipton

Stress is responsible for almost 90% of all chronic diseases. Even a negative thought can affect our biology and genes.

Albert Einstein

"Everything is energy and nothing more. When you align with the frequency of what you want, you get it. There is no other way. That's not philosophy, that's physics.”

Nikola Tesla

"If you want to think about the future of medicine, think in terms of energies, frequencies and vibrations."

  • Molecular hydrogen is a new therapeutic gas that promotes health and well-being. 🧠 You will protect your cells from degeneration - hydrogen therapy acts as a protective shield, fights against free radicals and reduces stress in the body. 🍀 Your skin will get its own superhero. Hydrogen acts as a protector for your skin and tissues, actively fighting aging factors such as damaged skin and tissues. ✨ Hydrogen therapy further provides protection against the two main problems after physical exercise: oxidative stress and inflammation, allowing you to achieve optimal performance without fatigue and pain. 💪🏼 Thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, hydrogen therapy helps cells maintain structural integrity and optimal functioning. ✨

    More info on the topic:HERE

    In our therapies, we mainly use the technologies of the American company axiomh2:

  • Lucid dreams 😴 – the fascinating world of conscious dreaming, where the dreamer is aware that he is dreaming. During a lucid dream, a person has control over the dream and feels like they are in the real world, while being able to do things they normally can't do.🙏🏼 Lucid dreams offer dream control and a realistic experience. Studies have revealed that they often occur during REM sleep, with gamma waves associated with their generation. Gamma waves are also associated with consciousness, memory and are a key factor in inducing lucid dreaming. Meditation by Zen Buddhist monks has shown that gamma waves can be influenced by long-term training, which strengthens the connection between these waves and consciousness. Lucid dreams are thus not only a fascinating phenomenon, but also a scientifically researched and at the same time achievable aspect of human sleep.💤💙 @neurovizr

    More info on the topic:HERE

    For our therapies, we use world number one products, the English brand neurovizr:

  • Can you feel the vibes? ⚡️ Our therapy is a collection of non-invasive relaxation methods that use sound  and vibration frequencies to support body functions and self-healing processes. 🎶 The principle is resonance, when carefully selected frequencies and vibrations target specific cells, tissues and body systems, contributing to strengthening balance and homeostasis. The conversion of acoustic waves into mechanical vibrations then induces physiological changes, including improved blood circulation, increased oxygenation and localized cellular metabolism, leading to a significant therapeutic effect. 🌸💧

    More info on the topic:HERE

    For our vibroacoustic resonance therapy, we use the world leader in this field, the American company bioharmony technologies:

  • Red light therapy brings a number of benefits to the human body and health. This innovative therapeutic method uses specific wavelengths of light, especially the red and near-infrared spectrum, to influence biochemical processes at the cellular level. 


    🔴 Red and infrared light supports mitochondria, increasing overall vitality

    🔴 Red light therapy is associated with faster healing of skin lesions and support of tissue regeneration. 

    🔴 Stimulates collagen production, which is a key element for healthy and elastic skin.

    🔴 Red light has the ability to modulate the body's immune response, leading to a boost in defenses

    🔴 It has proven effective in reducing pain and inflammation. It has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, which is beneficial in the treatment of chronic pain and rheumatoid arthritis.

    🔴 Exposure to red light regulates the production of melatonin and serotonin, hormones responsible for sleep and mood.

    🔴 Red light therapy has a positive effect on mental health. It helps reduce anxiety, stress and depression due to its ability to influence the production of neurotransmitters.

    More info on the topic:HERE

    For our red light therapy, we use as the only one in Europe the latest patented seven spectrum technology.

  • The vagus nerve, also known as the vagus nerve, plays a key role in regulating bodily functions during rest and relaxation. 💤 Imagine a Sunday afternoon after a good meal, when you feel calm and rested. It is at that moment that the parasympathetic nervous system, which includes the vagus nerve, works. It connects the brain with the internal organs, controls the heartbeat, breathing and participates in the regulation of the digestive system. With us you can stimulate your vagus nerve to perform at its best. 💪🏼 

    More info on the topic:HERE

    We use the company's technology to stimulate the vagus

  • We use a German company for this therapy and Czech company

    More info on the topic:HERE

Our core therapeutic pillars

What we do and why

With the help of light, sound, frequency and vibration, we harmonize physical and mental potential
a person. This improves the quality of our lives.

According to many scientific and clinical studies, the current lifestyle and stress are behind the majority of all chronic diseases.

  1. Transformation and abundance – for feelings supporting abundance and prosperity
  2. Inner path – for a better self-knowledge
  3. Regeneration – to accelerate regeneration after sports, illness or surgery 
  4. Energy – to increase the energy potential
  5. Cellular detox– to cleanse your cells from oxidative stress
  6. Spectrum – to calm your mind after a difficult period
  7. Immunity booster– to support the lymphatic and immune system

Each of us needs a little something different. That is why we have prepared 7 basic therapy protocols for you.

Our protocols

Did not find what you were looking for? Do you need anything else?
Never mind! Contact us and we will create a tailor-made therapy for you!
lucid brain activation clove therapy relaxes

what do our therapies contribute to?

Psyche and cognitive function



Lymphatic system and immunity





Regeneration and sports performance

Sleep and circadian rhythm

Longevity and vitality

Cítíte se vyčerpaní? Špatně spíte? Váš život je plný stresu? Hledáte způsob, jak kvalitně regenerovat? Láká Vás svět Bioharmonicu?

Vyplňte Váš email a získejte od nás 10% slevu na zkušební terapii s garancí spokojenosti.

The fact that our clients are satisfied is not enough for us. The effects of our therapies are supported by many scientific studies and research.

But that's not enough for us ... what about science?

It is an incredible experience that is like from another world. I feel so relaxed and full of energy. Thank you.

Veronica S.

Due to the high workload and stress, I felt exhausted, I slept poorly. 10 therapies and everything is different.

David T.

Now I see no reason to go to the doctor. I am healthy, I feel great, my life has changed.

Anna V.

People all over the world love our therapies


My journey to Bioharmonic began more than 5 years ago. I was a classic product of the contemporary lifestyle. Result? Burnout, breakdown of personal and work life, blood pressure 190/140, bad body structure, biological age 68 and the question of what to do next. I made the decision to take my life into my own hands. And things started to happen. After those five years, it is clear that it works and it depends only on us how we deal with our life and our approach to it, at any age. That's why I decided to lead by example and share my experience with you. Michal Kotlín, founder

  • Benefits are a standard part of corporate life today. Integrate bioharmonic into your benefit programs or create your own corporate bioharmonic lounge right in your company.

  • You are solving a non-traditional program for your company events, parties or conferences. We will create a customized thematic offer, take care of everything and create an unforgettable experience for the participants.

  • You operate in a industry where our technologies can expand your service offering. We are mostly also exclusive distributors of individual devices, and therefore we will be happy to prepare an offer for mutual cooperation or purchase of our technologies.

  • Do you want to have your favorite therapies right at home? Do not hesitate to ask about the bioharmonics offer of products suitable for home use. You can buy the device or simply rent it at
    certain period.

  • Are you looking for your application or an idea for your business? Do you like the services that bioharmonic offers Run the bioharmonic lounge on your own and join the vibrant bioharmonic family.


Resonate with us and change your life

come to recharge, relieve stress, regenerate your body and mind and raise your vibrations

from 600 CZK for 45 min

A person lies down and vibrates and listens to the vibroacoustic resonance therapy
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