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Bioharmonic breathe vibrate hydrate

To companies, events and homes

One exposes oneself to red light to improve one's health and vitality.

Benefits are a standard part of corporate life today. Integrate bioharmonic into your benefit programs or create your own corporate bioharmonic lounge right in your company.

For companies

You are solving a non-traditional program for your company events, parties or conferences. We will create a customized thematic offer, take care of everything and create an unforgettable experience for the participants.

For events

You are in a industry where our technologies can expand your service offering. We are mostly also exclusive distributors of individual devices, which is why we will be happy to prepare an offer for mutual cooperation or purchase of our technologies.


Do you want to have your favorite therapies right at home? Do not hesitate to ask about the bioharmonics offer of products suitable for home use. You can buy the device or simply rent it at
certain period.


Are you looking for your application or an idea for your business? Do you like the services that bioharmonic offers Run the bioharmonic lounge on your own and join the vibrant bioharmonic family.


a person lies down and does vibroacoustic resonance therapy
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