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Bioharmonic breathe vibrate hydrate

Electrosmog is a collective name for electromagnetic fields and waves that arise as a result of human activity and have an effect on the surrounding environment. They occur to a greater or lesser extent wherever electrical energy is transmitted, electrical devices or electromagnetic waves are used to transmit information. 

Whether electromagnetic smog has negative health effects is still a matter of debate and controversy. But there is no doubt that we are all exposed to electrosmog, there is no escape from it, and in connection with the development of technology and technology, its amount is growing and will continue to grow. All wires and electrical devices (from small ones like hair dryers, toasters, clock radios to large ones like refrigerators) create an electromagnetic field. Added to this are the radio frequency fields created by, for example, microwave ovens, televisions, mobile phones and transmitters. According to some experts and the World Health Organization, electrosmog can interfere with the weak electrical currents that naturally control the human body (such as nerve and heart activity) and can cause health problems in some people from depression to cancer.

Environmental harmonization against EMF smog

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