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Bioharmonic breathe vibrate hydrate

Molecular hydrogen is a colorless, tasteless and odorless gas. It is so small that it penetrates the entire body and interferes with a number of biochemical reactions. It is the strongest and most selective antioxidant, has anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects. 

The positive effects of H2 are researched by scientists all over the world, most of the knowledge comes from research in Japan, where a breakthrough scientific work was initiated and prestigiously published in 2007. She proved that hydrogen actively affects the way in which the action of so-called oxygen and nitrogen free radicals can be neutralized in the cell. There are now almost two thousand studies on the positive effects of hydrogen on body cells, and more are constantly being added. Molecular hydrogen is becoming a scientific phenomenon of our time, and soon we can expect further results of scientific research into the effects of hydrogen on the human and animal organism. Research into the effects of hydrogen on the body has been ongoing for several years also in the Czech Republic, and a very beneficial effect on the speed and level of cell regeneration has been recorded and proven.

"Molecular hydrogen continues to fascinate me with its universality and exceptional effects, which both professional athletes and chronically ill people will appreciate. " 

Doc. PhDr. Michal Botek, Ph.D., Faculty of Physical Culture, Palacký University in Olomouc

"Due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, molecular hydrogen represents a new therapeutic strategy to alleviate the consequences of oxidative stress. This is also significantly manifested in the mitigation of radiation damage and post-radiation syndrome. As our clinical studies have shown, molecular hydrogen is effective in alleviating metabolic syndrome and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.”

D.h.c., Prof. Jan SLEZÁK, M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc., FIACS, Center for Experimental Medicine SAV – Institute
for heart research, Bratislava

"Molecular hydrogen eliminates the oxyradicals associated with disease, especially the hydroxyl radical and peroxynitrite, while it does not decompose the oxyradicals needed for physiological functions. This makes it unique compared to other antioxidants. If molecular hydrogen is dripped onto the surface of the eye in the form of eye drops, it activates antioxidant enzymes in the corneal epithelium, thereby acting preventively against oxidative stress from a polluted environment."

Doc. MD Jitka Čejková, DrSc., H2 Pharm, Prague

"The positive effects of molecular hydrogen are already widely known. Its comprehensive application and use is optimal in spas, medical facilities and hotels with medical facilities. Procedures with mineral water carbonated H2, inhalation of H2, drinking drinking or mineral water carbonated H2, local application of H2, H2 dietary supplements - 90% of patients, even after only a week's stay with therapeutic strengthening of natural mineral resources with molecular hydrogen, subjectively and objectively evaluate the stay as more effective than stay without H2 additive."

MD Josef Peták, Spa sanatorium Dr. Peták, Františkovy Lázně


"Its effect on the regeneration of the organism is almost miraculous, which I also observed during the treatment of oncology patients. Medicine, let alone the public, has not yet appreciated him."

PharmDr. Milan Krajíček, H2 Pharm, Prague

"Molecular hydrogen increases the comfort and efficiency of sports performance, which combines with luxurious regeneration."

MD Pavol Malovič, Ph.D., Department of Sports Medicine, Slovak Medical University, Bratislava


"Molecular hydrogen alleviates symptoms of inflammatory rheumatic diseases such as pain and joint stiffness"

MD David Suchý, Ph.D., Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Rheumatology, FN Pilsen


"Molecular hydrogen perfectly enriches our natural healing resources, thus enhancing their beneficial effects on the organism."

MD Gabriela Hanslianová, Spa medical rehabilitation care, spa Teplice nad Bečvou

"First of all, we have to look at molecular hydrogen as a 'cellular cleaner.' With molecular hydrogen, many therapies will be much, much more successful. The use of molecular hydrogen will become standard practice in medicine, as well as the use of wound disinfection.”

Prof. Guy Van Elssacker, DrSc., Professor of Biochemistry, EIMHT

Hydration and respiration of molecular hydrogen

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