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Bioharmonic breathe vibrate hydrate

Light is a biologically active element that communicates with our organism and is one of the most important aspects of our vitality.

Put simply, let's imagine that specific wavelengths of light charge and improve the function of our cellular batteries, which supply energy for the proper functioning of the entire body.

The average European spends 90% of their time indoors. At home, in the office, in the car... But it was different before. People spent most of their time outside in the sun, which together with water and air is the essence of life.

In order for the human body to function, it needs energy. Cellular energy called ATP (adenosine triphosphate), on which all chemical processes in the body depend. When you are low on ATP, you feel tired and sick. When you have enough of it, you are happy and efficient. A simple equation that everyone understands.

Biology refers to human cell batteries as mitochondria. It is charged thanks to red and near-infrared light from the sun. The therapeutic effect of these wavelengths has been confirmed by more than 5 000 scientific studies.

In 1993, Quantum Devices developed a light-emitting diode (LED) for NASA to use in plant growth experiments. NASA used red wavelengths of light to try to stimulate plant growth and found that red light actually increased plant growth. (R)

An interesting and unexpected byproduct of the experiment was the discovery that scientists who were frequently exposed to intense red light experienced rapid healing of their skin lesions. NASA subsequently began studying the use of LEDs to increase human cell metabolism and halt bone and muscle loss in astronauts , until over the years this technology spread to the wider public.

Since the beginning of the new millennium, more and more evidence has appeared that different wavelengths of light can influence the biochemistry of our body, and thus also its functions related to vitality. Red (RED) and near-infrared (NIR) light is very effective. The red spectrum is visible to the eye and is mainly absorbed by the skin. Near-infrared light cannot be seen with the naked eye. This light penetrates deeper into our body (unlike other wavelengths that end up on the skin), where it has a positive effect on our mitochondria, cells, organs and endocrine glands.

The newly established scientific field dealing with photobiomodulation has brought us hundreds, today even thousands of studies (including those on humans) about the fact that the therapeutic use of near-infrared light can support our body on basically any imaginable level over the past two decades. 

We do not claim that red light therapy can fully replace the sun. A person should always be exposed to direct sunlight, because it is one of the basic conditions of life. In any case, our therapy will recharge your batteries in 30 minutes, as if you spent several hours outside in the sun.

For our red light therapy, we use the technology of our Czech partner, Mito

+ Something extra: 

To ensure the maximum effects of our therapies, we used the technology of the German company wave

More info about the topic

Electrosmog is the presence of electromagnetic radiation in the vicinity of a person, sometimes the possible effects of this radiation on health are also called the same. Electromagnetic radiation generates everything through which an electric current flows, i.e. all electric appliances, small electronics, but also television and telephone transmitters, etc. Electrosmog is not visible, but we meet it practically everywhere, even in nature outside the city. The main question today is its density and intensity.

Red light therapy

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